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Premier Provider of Constraint-Induced Therapy in Central Florida

The Neuro Hub is the premier provider of Constraint-Induced Therapy in Central Florida!

Up until a few years ago, most scientists and physician believed the adult brain was unable to be altered and fix itself when damaged. However, one of the leading neuroscientists, Dr. Taub and his research team at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) thought differently. Dr. Taub hypothesized that the brain’s ability to learn and change could be used to repair injuries to the brain - such as stroke (CVA), traumatic brain injury (TBI), and cerebral palsy (CP).

From this research, which has been conducted for over 25 years now, Taub developed Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy (CI Therapy). This highly specific therapy consists of a family of treatments to help the brain re-wire itself and thus regain some function in the more-affected limb. CI Therapy has been researched extensively and is currently considered the gold standard in neurological rehabilitation. Patients who have completed the treatment program have made gains in the quality of movement and in the amount of use of their more-affected upper extremity.

The Neuro Hub is the premier provider of CI Therapy in the Central Florida area.  The Neuro Hub therapists are trained in standard CI Therapy by Dr. Taub, the inventor of CI Therapy, and the UAB CI Research Group.

If you are looking to learn more on CI Therapy contact us for more info at:

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We are growing!

The Neuro Hub officially welcomes Mackenzie Crisp!

Mackenzie is a born and raised native Floridian growing up in South Florida. She moved to Orlando to attend the University of Central Florida and obtained a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. A short while after graduating from UCF she was introduced to Occupational Therapy and knew it would change her life. Mackenzie enrolled at Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences (now AdventHealth University) where she received her degree in Occupational Therapy. Immediately following graduation, Mackenzie worked in pediatrics up until taking a brief break to stay home with her two young children. She returned to work once her children entered school, and recently joined The Neuro Hub team. 

Mackenzie enjoys spending time with her family, baking yummy treats, and going to the beach. She also owns a portrait and wedding photography business, Riley James Photography- named for her children.  Mackenzie is very excited to be joining The Neuro Hub team and looks forward to serving and getting to know the all the amazing clients.

We are happy to have you Mackenzie!

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Going to the Source of CI Therapy — For you!

The Neuro Hub is currently learning and working alongside Dr. Taub, the creator of CI Therapy (Constraint-Induced Therapy) as well as other significant clinicians from all over the world!  Dr. Taub has brought the best of the best in the neuroscience and research world to Birmingham, Alabama to learn from him and his team at The University of Alabama at Birmingham Medical Center.  We are honored to be here!  The Neuro Hub is looking forward to bringing the best evidence based therapy techniques back with us, knowing that going to the source for research proven techniques in neuro recovery is what our clients want.

Are you interested in receiving more information regarding CI Therapy?

Email us!

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Constraint Induced Therapy Orlando!

What is Constraint Induced Therapy?

  • Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) is an innovative, high intensity, research supported treatment approach that assists individuals in increasing the functional use of a hemiplegic arm.
  • CIMT is the physical restraining of a non-affected arm after neurological injury such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, or traumatic brain injury, forcing use of the affected arm.
  • CIMT is designed to help the brain rewire itself to improve functional use of the affected arm.
  • CIMT is aimed at eliminating so-called “learned non-use” in which the affected arm is not used after injury, and compensation is made by relying on the arm that is not affected or less affected.
  • Research on CIMT is extensive and supports the effectiveness of this treatment approach.
  • Due to the intensity of this program, insurance companies seldom provide reimbursements; therefore, this program is rarely offered in typical outpatient clinics.

How can The Neuro Hub help?

The Neuro Hub offers a specialized occupational therapy program for clients who have suffered neurological injury and qualify for this intervention.

  • The program involves intensive treatment sessions of 4 hours per day, 5 times per week for 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Compliance of client and family are necessary for the duration of the rigorous restraint period.
  • Sessions will be tailored to meet needs of individual clients.
  • Treatments will be focused on functional use of the affected arm.

What sets The Neuro Hub apart?

The Neuro Hub’s hands-on, evidence based occupational therapy uses the latest technologies available in the field of neurological rehabilitation, and provides a comprehensive treatment approach that addresses the physical, emotional, and psychological components of clients and family members. We are dedicated to helping each client achieve the highest level of function and independence. The Neuro Hub’s occupational therapists are informed in the latest research in the neurosciences, and we bring that research to each therapy session. Our OTs work with clients to establish personalized goals based on symptoms, strengths, and interests. After all, your success is our success!